The story of Balion

Balion - the story of us

I have always liked to train, says Therese. And with a sedentary office job in an IT company, I had to move. And a few years ago I was also a fitness instructor at SATS, which I really loved doing. My challenge was always to find really good training clothes, clothes that fit "correctly" on the body and make me feel good.

The start

And that's how Be A Lion started. The one training tights that I really loved, they were eventually washed out and almost see-through. I trawled all the shops for something that was just as good, but had to give up. I have always been fond of design and fashion, and it ended up that I started drawing and designing my own tights. After a lot of back and forth, testing, adjustment, improvement and finally production - the first training tights were ready! And guess if I was satisfied, says Therese. The tights were even better than my old favorite tights. With reinforced seams, high waist and wide stomach band - so that it does not tighten in inappropriate places. Just the way I wanted it.

You feel good in BALION

Now after almost 5 years, we are super proud to have several collections. All designed to be used year after year without the quality being noticeably reduced.

The main focus of mine has always been that all women and girls should feel good in our training clothes, regardless of size and shape. Great and tailor-made training clothes are extremely underrated. When you have training clothes that sit well on the body and emphasize your own figure in a good way, it is simply much easier and more pleasant to get to training, says Therese.

We take responsibility for people and the environment

We manufacture our goods in China and some in Bali, Indonesia. I personally visit all our factories at least once a year and can therefore vouch that working conditions and the environment are taken care of. About 50% of our products are made from recycled material. This is quite a lot more expensive for us to produce, but we want to contribute what we can to the environment. We work hard to have all our goods produced from recycled material and our aim is that by 2023 we will have achieved this.

Our customers mean everything to us

This is what really gives energy, says Therese. Several times each week, ideas, tips and praise come from our customers. Suggestions for product improvements, ideas for new products. It's so inspiring! And we are extra happy when so many people give us top ratings on Trustpilot and Google. Thank you so much - I'm really happy for you all <3

Therese Lilletvedt runs Balion from Bergen together with her husband Marius.